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Over the Rainbow

Happy International Pride Month to all our LGBTQ workers, students and readers.

Serious About Solutions is offering a fun prize to the first 5 people to tell us where this commemorative landmark is.

Email us at Info@seriousaboutsolutions.com with your answers

Trials and Tribulations


Now that the universities, colleges and schools are all out for summer, a lot of students and young people are scrambling furiously for work. With countless applicants to choose from, a lot of employers assess suitability through workplace trials.  The food and drink industry in particular, tend to favour trials. 

So how long is a typical trial period? Will you have to wear a uniform? Do you need a DBS? What about health and safety? Are trial workers paid?


Here we have a look at what to expect from such trials, and how applicants can prepare for them.

Serious Sentiments

 Welcome to Serious Sentiments.   

Our regular dialogue with you is about anything and everything relating to the world of work.


Each month we will post a topic, where we invite you to share your views with our team and community.  

       Here is our blogging plan for July - Aug 2019:​

  • It's getting hot in here! - Coping with the summer heat at work

  • Ethical  investments - the value and relevance in the workplace today

Feel free to let us know if you have a workplace topic you’d like us to cover via our Message Box.


Latest Briefing Update

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