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Our Team

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Berni - Consultant

Q. How would I describe myself?

A. I love nothing more than learning, sharing what I’ve learnt, and then learning some more to share!

I have looked after individuals with varying special needs over a number of years, as well as worked for HMRC and call centres.

Almost all my workplaces have found me in the capacity of an informal welfare officer somewhere along the line.  I have a knack for helping others identify what ‘stuff’ they need to address in order to change their lives and move on.  Confidence building; implementing systems; engaging with services; understanding addictions – all come from a place of learning something essential about yourself or your organisation.


So, Working with Serious About Solutions enables me to create tailor made development plans which combine my specialisms in mental health, social care, advocacy and rehabilitation. 


Through my continuing involvement with Hertfordshire NHS  I have some of the best experts, ethos and networks at my disposal. I can help you to identify what ‘stuff’ is getting in the way of your progress, and what you need to do to overcome it.

My network of clients is continuously growing because of my non-judgemental approach, so I am really looking forward to sharing my  knowledge and passion with you.


Sally-Ann - Director

Q. How would I describe myself?

A. I have an unswerving passion for continuous learning - which is why I created Serious About Solutions!

With my more than 30 years of experiences across a range of industries, including finance, leisure, retail, health and education, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and establishments.  I’ve often wondered what it would be like if all those incredible individuals could work for the same organisation.  It would unquestionably be world class – together they would develop a workforce which is confident; proud; healthy and accountable.  Their unwavering commitment to workplace learning nurtures a culture of continuous development which is contemporary and relevant. 


When I became a Learning Specialist within the civil service, I could not believe that I was being paid to enjoy myself so much.  However I had to wake up from that wonderful dream, and recognise, as I do now, that the experience was  part of a much bigger transformation.   Various mergers and change programmes with organisations and companies like HMRC; Royal Mail; NHS; Accenture; CapGemini and local authorities, have prepared me for the transition into the my most fulfilling role  - trade union education.   As a Trades Union Congress’ (TUC) Lecturer and then as Regional and National Education Officers, my world of learning became a thousand times richer, and more global.  Consequently, my expertise now  – extends to Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and USA. 

So, I established Serious About Solutions to enable others to benefit from the brilliance I’ve encountered on my journey and that I am fortunate enough to still  have around me today. 

Using my specialisms in learning and development; equalities and employment law - I will personally hand pick the team - that will work with you  - to unearth the gold within your teams and individuals. As a consequence the organisations you work for will also be enhanced. 


Whether you are a manager with an organisational learning need or an individual wanting personal development – why not get the ball rolling by getting in touch? 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Alicia- Consultant

Q.  How would I describe myself?

A.  I encourage individuals to pursue their dreams to develop or change careers!


I am a Learning and Development specialist, with 15 years’ experience working in Training, Welfare to Work and Work Based Learning. As a Quality Assurance Manager and Assessor I have worked with individuals, staff and organisations from  - junior to senior levels - to identify; develop and design; deliver and evaluate learning needs.   This has resulted in organisations achieving industry proficiency and individuals gaining industry specific qualifications.

My passion is to unearth individuals’ and organisations’ purpose  by providing a range of solutions to  enable them to maximise their potential contribution to the workplace, community and society.

I spent almost two decades in corporate, voluntary and public sector organisations in England.


Organisations that have benefited from my wealth of experience include;  Her Majesty ‘s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games(LOCOG), The Prince’s Trust,  St George’s Hospital, Kings College and Imperial Care NHS Trust. I am a qualified Quality Manager who has made significant contributions to Training Providers Quality Assurances policies and procedures. 

I have also worked with individuals ranging from young people to adults, to inspire and change their lives through mentoring and coaching  I encourage individuals to pursue their dreams  to develop or change careers.

I am delighted to put my skills and knowledge to use for Serious About Solutions.


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