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What we can do for you

At Serious About Solutions we treat all aspects of workplace learning as essential to the development of staff and productivity.  Have a look at what we have to offer on this page. 
We pride ourselves on our bespoke packages, so please get in touch if you are interested in something a bit different from the range we have here, and we will be happy to discuss how we can help.
Pols + Men
Management Policies and Reviews

Need new policies?  Whether your organisation is newly created or your procedures are out of date, let us help you to develop the most suitable arrangements for your organisation.  We will work with your Human Resources Officers, management team and trade union/s to ensure that the most suitable is achieved.

Personal Development

Whether you are an individual looking for a career change, or a senior manager needing to prepare your workforce for new challenges, our specialists will work with you to explore and implement the best options to meet your needs. 


If you are an individual in need of confidential support – get in touch.


Whatever your need is - we’re waiting to hear from you!

Dispute Resolution + re-skilling
Liaison and Resolution


In service bereavement can have a significant impact on the workplace.  We offer individual and group counselling which acknowledges the need to grieve is just as important as productivity. Our bespoke provision will incorporate workable milestones for individuals as well as the organisation.

All workplaces have colleagues who disagree from time to time.  We can help you to avoid disputes impacting on productivity by acting as a neutral go-between.  Without judgement, our trained workplace counsellors will work with you to overcome conflict and get your business back on track. Since partnership working is important to us, we will also work with your trade union/s to achieve optimum morale and productivity.


Our growing team of Associate Mentors come from a wide range of industries.  Each is highly experienced and qualified in their field and will work with you to develop a clear plan of action so that you can see how you are progressing. 

Our mentoring programmes:

-       run from 6 weeks to a year - depending on your requirements ​

-       are available for teams as well as individuals

-       are bespoke to meet the specific development needs of the individual (and their organisation)

Learning Needs Analysis


The success of all workplaces relies on staff being appropriately trained for both current and emerging industrial needs.  Understanding new technology, practices, legislation and attitudes are essential to individual and organisational development.


We can help you to identify exactly what your training/learning needs are.  If you are interested in developing a skills matrix – so that you can measure and monitor your learning needs, our specialists will work with you right through the process.



Are you thinking of embarking on a new career?  Whether you are new to the world of work or experienced in a particular field or industry and interested in trying something different. Both informal and formal learning can be invaluable in helping you to decide.   We can help you to explore the options available to you and assist you with getting onto the right path. 


We offer a confidential service with advisors and mentors from a range of industries.

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